Can You NOT


It's been awhile! I can not believe the summer is practically over and school is starting again. Of course I'm not going back to school but seeing everyone move in and I'm stuck at home is a little weird. I realized the other day that this will be my first fall back home here in Rhode Island. There are so many activities that I'm looking forward to!

This summer has been filled with working, looking for a full time job, and some beach days here and there. My family and I went to Charleston for the first time and I will be sharing a post full of what we did soon! I took so many photos that it's taking me longer then I though to filter down to the best ones I want to share.


I have to say this photo is much out of my comfort zone but I love it. My friend Sarah (check out her blog here) recently learned how to embroider and I asked her to make me a shirt! I wanted something sassy and she put "Can you NOT" on mine. It's so fun to wear around and I catch myself saying that phrase quite often. Most of the time it's to little Lu if she's doing something bad.

It's been almost two months since I have gotten Lulu and so much has changed since my first post. She is now over 20 pounds and knows a hand full of commands like sit, down, and paw. I feel like Ben Z on Bachelor in Paradise when I speak about her. If you understand what I'm saying then we're automatically friends. #proudmommy Getting a dog post-grad was definitely the best idea I could have ever made. There has been ups and downs like chewing through 3 computer chargers but it's all worth it in the end.