A Millennial Thing



Welcome to A Millennial Thing! I am very excited to (re)start this new blog and to begin I thought I’d share how it came about. For the longest time I have wanted a dog of my own. I have talked about it on and off but knew it would happen eventually. I wanted to rescue a dog as I don’t think puppy mills should be a thing! However I recently moved back in with my parents and well… there were some problems that I ran into. First they weren’t into me getting a dog AT ALL. Then, after nonstop talking about dogs and sending them links to local rescues, they kind of realized I was going to peruse it one way or another. My mom and my sister are both allergic to dogs that shed, depends on the amount of dander the dog has. It was also important that I did not get a large dog so my search was limited. Finding a rescue that was hypoallergenic and young was hard.

One night, my mom and I were talking and she was asking me to think in the long run: what would I do with this dog if I moved, who would take care of it, will the dog be cooped up in an apartment all day if I worked long hours etc. My response to all of her questions was “I don’t know I will just figure it out.” My mom simply said “that is such a millennial thing to say, you’ll just figure it out.” Once she said that I couldn’t stop thinking about her statement and decided to start a blog. Yes, I am a millennial who has no idea what is to come but taking everything day by day. Currently I am living at home, looking for a job, trying to save money so why not add a puppy to the mix.

A few weeks back I had brought my family to an adoption event here in Rhode Island. I do not think my parents realized how many dogs needed homes and this event changed their minds (a little). We did not walk away with a dog but started to seriously consider the possibility of a dog as a family. Although the dog would be mine, the puppy would still be surrounded by my family. I had looked into several dogs who all seemed like a perfect fit but something would come up about him/her bringing me back to the start. There was this one puppy who I loved and was very close to adopting and I was talking to a friend who said that when the perfect puppy came along it’d happen. She was right – a few days after that conversation I found Lulu.



I got Lulu from a breeder in Pennsylvania which made for a fun road trip. If you follow my Instagram you probably saw some pictures form along the way! My sister and dad came along for the ride so I didn’t have to go alone. Plus who likes driving for a long period of time alone?! Lulu is a mini labradoodle who is full of energy and loves to cuddle. She comes from a litter of 10 other puppies so she loves to jump around and interact with my dog, Nike, who is slowly getting used to her being around. If you didn’t catch on, she is named after Lululemon because we already have Nike and I thought I’d keep the athletic wear name going. I now have had her for four days that have been full of playing fetch, sleeping, and trying to get Nike and Lulu to bond. If you have seen the movie Secret Life of Pets then that’s what you can picture their relationship as. Adding a new puppy to the mix has sure been interesting but I thought I’d keep myself on my toes.

I want you to be able to relate to my life where I will share anything from fashion, lifestyle, and new adventures (like a dog!). After all I am just a millennial trying to figure out this “real” world.