For The Dog Lover

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Ever since I got a dog any gift that's dog-related I love! It's also easy for people who are shopping for you. The gift may be for you but we all know it's actually for your dog.  Now that it is getting colder I love these little jackets to keep them warm during long walks. I also love to go "hiking" (aka long walks in the woods) with Lulu but if you're really adventurous with your dog I'd invest in one of these!   It's great for keeping your dog's belongings on them so you'll never lose them while keeping track of your own things! No matter where you're walking to having one of these is a must. It collapses easily for storage and light for carrying it around. This is another alternative to keeping your dog hydrated on walks that my dog prefers more!  Some of my other favorites are this, this, and especially this!