The Amalfi Coast - Part 2

Our second stop on the tour was Ravello.  To be honest, this was not one of my favorite towns. I am also saying this with having only spent an hour there. 

As you can see the town is very small.  There were a lot of shops that were along the town square but because it was winter many were closed.  The main attraction in the town is Villa Rufolo that has beautiful gardens.  The views are breathtaking and in the summer they hosts concerts at the villa. 

Lastly, we stopped at Amalfi where we had more time to explore and eat.  In the town center you will find Duomo di Sant'Andrea Apostolo, a 9th century cathedral, that's opened to the public for tours.  We did not have time to do a tour but looking at it from the outside you can appreciate the history and architecture. Just imagine the building process of this church! 

Although you could tell there were tourists around there weren't too many keeping you from seeing the town.  Among the tourists there were locals going about their daily activities. If you couldn't tell already, I loved that it was off season allowing you to take everything in. Shops were limited to look in because of the time of year however it didn't take away from the experience. 

Above is the outside to the church just as the sun is setting. I do not think this picture does justice!