The Amalfi Coast - Part 1

Our first full day in Sorrento was spent touring the Amalfi Coast.  In the morning we had a driver pick us up from our hotel to tour three cities: Positino, Almafi, and Rovello.  Funny story, when we first met our tour guide my dad told him he'd let me sit up front because I was the "photographer" and the guy really thought they'd hired a personal photographer!

It was about a half hour ride to our first stop in Sorrento.  Most of the time we were driving along the coast through the mountains.  The ride reminded me a lot of Big Sur - Italian style! As we weaved through the mountains we saw all of the little towns and a beautiful scene of the ocean right below.  It was kind of scary to look down if you're afraid of heights! The roads are super narrow and it's amazing to see all of the locals zip around the tight corners.  The tour guide said that it's crazy in the summer with all of the big tour buses. I don't know how they do it..... ones really needs to be a professional driver for these roads! 

The whole trip of Amalfi was a total of 9 hours so I'll be splitting up the day into two posts.  There are a lot of photos! Right before we drove into the town square of Positano we stopped at a lookout right above.  From the pictures you can see it was a great view. Locals were selling freshly grown crops and cold juice.  During the drive you see many lemon trees which they're growing year round.  Everywhere you turn there's lemons!

The town is build on a hill so the buildings are on top of one another.  The streets are very small but lined with many stores where you can purchase souvenirs.  Something I loved about walking around was seeing all of the locals out and about.  There are so many streets that you can walk and weave around.  I wish I had more time there because it was my favorite town along the coast.  Since the coast is in the southern part of Italy it was warm for December.  Walking around in a sort sleeve shirt with no jacket was refreshing since I had left home in 10 degree weather!

From the pictures you can see that there was no one around.  There were a few other tourists on the beach but I can not imagine what it is like in the summer.  As pretty as it looks from pictures that I've seen I think I prefer it when it's calm and quiet.  From the lookout I mentioned earlier the beach looks so small but once you're standing on it it's not that small!    From the colors, to the architecture, to the lifestyle there's so much to take in. 

Believe it or not the pictures that I have are probably 1/4 of what I took.  Everything looks so different from different angles and I wanted to remember it all.  Off to the left side of the beach there was a landing which seemed like it was a patio for a restaurant and that offered my favorite view of the town. You can see that view in the picture above to the right.  It also shows you how empty the beach was!