Holiday Shopping Guide: For The Traveler

Traveling is the best and worst thing ever.  The reason I say it's the worst is because of the actual traveling part.  I am not a fan of packing or waiting around airports.  However when putting this list together I thought of all the things that I'd want when I'm flying or driving.  When traveling comfort is key. You're either stuck on a plane with 50 other people or in a car shoulder to shoulder with someone. On plane rides you always find yourself wanting to cuddle up and make the best of the trip. Especially if it's a long flight! That's why it's essential to have a blanket scarf, fuzzy socks, an eye mask, and maybe even a neck pillow.  If I know I'm going on a long flight I make sure to have these.  One thing I didn't list that is great to have is a book.  Reading a book can make the time go buy and before you know it you're at your destination.