Weekend Link Up


  • I don't think I know where to start with this story.  It's so sad and heartbreaking yet has a good ending where you find yourself smiling.  To think a parent could turn away from a child is something I don't think anyone will understand.  
  • I've always said I'm an Apple person. I love all of their products and would buy everything I can the second it comes out if I could.  I'm dying to get the 6+.  I am always on my phone I find that personally the bigger screen would be better for me.  But when it comes to tablets, I am now leaning more towards a Microsoft Surface. Ghasp! I know I just said that.  I think I like that it's more versatile where you can a stylist pen and more practical when it comes to using Photoshop and things similar to it.  This post sort of sold me on the fact that I would indeed get this tablet versus and iPad.  
  • This post just made me want to get another sweater even more! I need serious help.  
  • Last but not least... if you haven't noticed I got a new Twitter account.  In class the other day my teacher was talking about how it's a good idea to get all of your social media accounts, email, and anything else all the same.  So with that in mind and the fact I had my old one for almost 5 years with over 20K tweets I think it was time.  No one wants their old 15 year old self tweets and over 20K is just crazy.