My Desktop

I am not at my desk a whole lot.  I find that I get more work done outside of my room when my bed isn't 2 inches away.  However when I am at my desk I like to make sure I have a lot of space.  The main things that are always on my desk are my makeup brushes, pens & pencils, a mirror, and light.

I carry my external hard drive with me everywhere I go.  One reason because I keep getting the notification my startup disk is full and I don't know what that means.  The main reason is because I am always editing something for either my journalism or IDD (Interactive Digital Design aka Graphic Design) class.  


 Can we just talk how cute the cup that holds my makeup brushes is!! I got it in a secret santa swap and it's me in a cup.  It has the three things I love... monogram, elephant, and Lilly Pulitzer! In a few of the photos you can see I also have my Keurig on my desk.  I am currently living in a single this semester and i pushed my two desks together.  My other desk is more of my "kitchen". For me since I get distracted really easily when I'm in my room it's important to make sure that it's neat to keep me motivated.  With all of this snow sometimes it's too cold to walk to the library!!