Instagram Pet Peeves & Tips

As I sit in the student center there's snow falling and it screams for a picture of our photogenic library.  I am guilty of taking a picture myself. I have also seen about 5 people stop to take a photo as well.  However I started to think about what bugs me about people on Instagram who don't care what their photos look like.  Do I sound like a crazy person because I care so much about Instagram? I probably do.  But... it's important!!! 

A lot of people Squareready their photos.  If you don't know what that is (or live under a rock) it allows you to put a white border around it.  Please if you remember one thing from this post... filter before you add a border.  It drives me crazy seeing a tinted border. 

Pick a theme for your Instagram.  Again this may sound crazy and a little drastic.  If you add a border to one photo then don't on the others your profile will just looks jumbled and disorganized.  I wish I knew what my theme is but it's something and I'm going with it.  If you like to take photos using only filters do that. I have seen only black and white Instagram profiles and those are pretty cool as well.  Just pick to something and stick with it.  Again, yes I know a theme may be (ok, it is) drastic.  Moving on... 

Make sure your picture has great lighting.  You want whatever you're taking a photo of to pop out at the viewer.  Let's be real...people are scrolling fast to either pass time or avoid an awkward situation. They're not going to inspect your photo in depth.  If it stands out to them and they like it in that 3 seconds they look at it they'll throw you a like.   If you don't use Afterlight I highly recommend it. It's worth the money and has great editing tools.  

Jumping on top of standing out. Bump up the saturation in your photo. (Like the photo below).  You want the photo to be pretty, not dull and dark.  I've started to add saturation to my photos versus applying a filter on top. This may be shocking but Instagram has great editing tools inside the app.  They have done a total 360 from when they've first started.  

Play with the shadows and highlights while editing.  Define the edges a little more but not too much.  Experiment what you like and don't like.  I personally have backed away from filters and white borders.  I like using the full square as you fit more of the picture in.  

If you've got a lot of great pics you want to share don't do it all at once.  At max 2 a day with a few hours in between.  If you're positing one after another I just get annoyed and tend to glaze over your photos.  99% of the photos I post I'm not even there and they're from a while ago.  People think I am there but why would I be on the beach in the middle of the winter? I don't get it.  

Below are some of my favorite apps to use.  I mostly use Snapseed & Afterlight.  Sometimes VSCO but turn the filters down to a 3 or 4.